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This panel brings together VR developers from across the Asia Pacific Region. With some of our own homegrown talent in the room, international guests will participate via a live connection to a virtual world (ConVRge). Together, the panel will discuss some of the best new VR works available, covering games and films from each respective region of Asia, as well as how you can become involved in local groups as part of the emerging creative community.

Panel discussion hosted by Gordon Moyes, Program Director of the Bachelor of Games Design at the Griffith Film School, Griffith University, with two decades of local and international experience in the computer and video game industry. Gordon produced or programmed hit game titles such as Destroy All Humans!, Dark Reign: The Future of War, Star Trek: Armada and Civilization: Call to Power for international companies such as Activision and Pandemic Studios.

Lex Van Cooten is a co founder of the Asia Pacific Virtual Reality Network (APVRN.com) and is passionate about promoting the benifits of this reemerging technology in improving users’ living experience. Lex is also the organizer of the Brisbane VR Club and has his sights on building up the Virtual Reality community in Brisbane to foster and educate local developers. Lex’s insterests are in the potential applications of VR in Rehab, Retail and Education.

Wilf Watson (Australia) is an award winning entrepreneur and multimedia producer. For the last decade he has worked on a diverse range of professional production roles developing interactive e-learning software, producing award winning short films, television commercials and documentaries. Wilf is the creator of Australia’s first commercial virtual reality head mounted display and is the founder of Phenomec, a tech start-up developing cutting edge virtual and augmented reality products and multimedia.

Sami Hamid is a VR Evangelist and a community leader who heads up the Virtual Reality community in Turkey. The initiative has successfully connected the dots with developers both big and small, higher education institutions, hardware manufacturers and the indie game development scene in bringing people together to learn and share their work around Virtual Reality. Sami is also part of PulseVR, a Virtual Reality development studio developing cutting edge VR content for clients around Europe and the Middle East. Sami believes VR is going to revolutionise the way we work, learn and play.

Toph David is the cofounder of VR Philippines, the largest community of Virtual Reality enthusiasts and developers in the country. Aside from being an R&D Engineer at Nokia, he also dabbles in Robotics, Game Development and Graphic Design as a hobby.

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