Welcome back to Brisbane’s monthly Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies event! As always we have a special guest speaker presentation with demos expected on the night. Interested in the training applications for VR? Then this one’s for you!


TIME: 6:00PM – 9:00PM, 26th of September

PARKING: Free (get there early to secure a spot)


Chris Beaumont (Endeavour Foundation) – The Benefits of Training in VR
Endeavour Foundation is providing training for persons with disabilities through integration of Virtual Reality experiences within their signature programs. With the assistance of a supervisor a person with disabilities is now able to become independent by learning how to withdraw money from their local ATM, catch public transport and purchase their lunch from a cafe. This is all simulated in Virtual Reality before they venture out into the real world. Chris will discuss what he has found to be the most effecting techniques in using VR for training and the future Endeavour is developing digitally.

DEMOS: We will have a number of VR/AR headsets available for demonstrations on the night. If you have any recommendations on specific experiences or would like to demo something you have been working on we would be happy to accommodate you.

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