It’s been a long and exciting year so far! A lot of announcements surrounding VR has got people equally excited and ruffled with everything from HTC finally begin shipping Vive preorders, to Google revealing its mobile VR platform called Daydream, to the controversial activities of Oculus is preventing the playing of Rift games on Vive headsets. In these Monthly VR Mashup updates we will be filtering though the best and the worst to deliver you a summery of the activities happening in the VR industry.

We’re also doing something else…

We want to keep you in the loop on Brisbane VR and what’s happening on a local scale. It’s been phenomenal to see people connect, develop and launch their ideas through the network and the BVRC is all about supporting and growing that!

Speaking of local talent, our next meetup is on this Tuesday night at the Brisbane Powerhouse, so come along for a presentation and demos. For more info jump on the facebook event page HERE.


Our special announcement this month is the final coming together of the Immerse Academy! This is an educational program focused on providing accessible resources for local video game developers and film producers to learn how they can create VR experiences building on the skills they already have. More info on that coming soon, but if you’d like to keep up to date sign up for updates HERE.

Bellow are a few links to the more important events that have happened this last month.

  1. Google announced their Daydream VR mobile platform. It’s still early days, but basically Daydream will be; shipping a mobile controller (which tracks within your VR apps), partnering with manufacturers to create headsets similar to Samsung’s GearVR, and releasing ‘Daydream ready’ VR smartphones during the course of this year! For more info check out the talk given at the latest Google I/O conference HERE.
  2. HTC has finally started shipping Vive! Check your friendly neighborhood subreddit for updates.
  3. And Oculus has been receiving a bit of backlash over their recent activities.

That’s it for this month. Has there been any hot news that you’ve seen going around? Comment bellow as we’d love to hear your thoughts on all things VR. Also, congrats to Raymond who has finally received his Oculus Rift CV1, after backing their Kickstarter way back in 2012!

Virtually yours,

The BVRC Team



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