As June comes to a close (that went so fast!) we’re preparing for the monthly Brisbane VR Club meetup with Dmitry presenting about his company VicoVR (which provides mobile VR tracking). Every day there is a new VR-something that pops up and it is exciting to see the industry evolve so quickly. If you are interested in VR as a developer, designer or business owner we’d love to connect with you. Shoot us an email at

We have a new special announcement this month…

EVRLogoPurp - CopyBrisbane is getting its first Virtual Reality Pop-up Arcade! Launching at the end of this week ExtremeVR (or EVR) will be popping up across the city at different locations, every weekend. The business is run by two locals who are part of the Brisbane VR Club, with a goal to give everyone across the city access to VR experiences. At $29/hr per person you can book your session on the EVR website HERE. The first location will be at Substation 9 at 97 Wynnum Road, Norman Park.

If you haven’t already check out Immerse Academy ( which we launched last month. You can select and register the courses you are interested in and we will send you updates on the next avaiable dates and times which it will be on. Our goal is to record all of the courses and upload them onto the site so that members can easily access the courses and continue learning how to develop Virtual Reality experiences.

Now for industry news…

  1. As Samsung’s Gear 360 VR Camera rolls out across the US (and is available in Singapore right now) the company has launched Samsung Creators, a program aimed at encouraging content creation for a variety of audiences and platforms. If you are into VR 360 videos and are of the creative type you should look at entering! For more details go HERE.
  2. A lot is happening to tackle the VR mobile position tracking challenge. Currently all mobile VR devices are head tracking only, so when you lean the the side the whole ‘world’ moves with you. Companies such as Sterolabs, a San Francisco-based 3D imaging startup, are trying to bring some of the same high quality functions of full positional tracking to the Samsung Gear VR. The ZED stereo camera is now shipping to developers: it’s a depth-sensing camera that can be attached to any mobile VR headset – there are 2 RGB cameras in unit send data to an external graphics processor and use Sterolabs’ custom software to map your environment in real-time. The tech is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect, which uses infrared but is usually not able to be used outdoors.
  3. Oculus has responded to the backlash they experienced over the course of this month. Now you can play Oculus games on the Vive! More info on the situation HERE.

That’s it for this month. Has there been any hot news that you’ve seen going around? Comment bellow as we’d love to hear your thoughts on all things VR. Also, congrats to Braycen who won a trip to E3 after winning a funny VR game competition! He will be launching the Vive game on Steam soon.

Virtually yours,

The BVRC Team

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