Our monthly VR Dev Talks are about a week away and coming up fast! Join us for a night of immersive experiences, kicking off with a presentation from local developers on a recent project they have completed, followed by Vive demos.


TIMES: Tuesday, May 31 at 6 PM

Doug Fleming – Hyne VR is a trade show event VR demo / example of technology. It’s aim is to provide an example for timber industry professionals so they can see what can be done with new technology. It has a building walk through, and also a construction mini game for those who dare to put their VR skills to the test.

Doug’s presentation will cover:
– Project inspiration, initial order discussions / considerations & Client requirements
– Engine selection (unreal 4 vs unity 5)
– Blockout and functional testing
– Persisting data between levels
– UI considerations for VR
– music and sound design concept and creation (by Dan Sugars Audio)
– Designing for alterations and changes
– Hindsight and what we could have done differently

Looking forward to catching up with eveyone on the night. Feel free to bring your GreaVRs and other VR gear you might have. For updates on future events you can subscribe to our facebook page HERE

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